Thursday, June 10, 2004

We're In The Cotton

Apologies for being a bad blogger - I have been overwhelmed
with people, obligations, personal turmoil and exhaustion,
to make a few excuses.

Also, we're in the cotton -- literally, becoming buried in
the stuff. Cottonwoods are exuding huge fluffs of puffy
seeds, which has accumulated to the point of appearing to
be Christmas in June. The grass is completely white, and
drifts build on the steps. I wet the stuff down the best I
can,and when it dries out it reconstitutes to the appearance
of a huge pillow fight going on out there. We hide inside,
while the blizzard ensues with every breeze. It's insane.

Now the bosque is on fire a few miles south of us, and north
of us the newspapers reported this morning is an area of
about 45 acres which is completely, inexplicably, dead.

So here's a look--I'll be checking in from time to time.