Monday, November 10, 2003

I apologize to anyone who has been checking this blog
for updates - I haven't been keeping up with it because
my life here is in disarray, so the blog is a reflection of
that situation.

Our house is sold - closed, as of November 7 - and we have
a month to clear out of here and close the door behind us.
After twenty years, it is a profound experience. It is also a
welcome change. there have been a few tears, but we are
certain that new doors will open for us.

We are letting go of lots and lots of old stuff, sifting through
memories and looking at many scenes with the recognition
that we are saying good-bye. Much love and many years have
graced our pretty plot with complex emotion, incomprehensible
beauty. We are willing to move on.

Moving on means moving down the road, for now.
We found a place to go to - a rambly old adobe with history
and soul. It feels right.

The process, nonetheless, is unsettling - all these boxes, piles
and puzzles, so many decisions to be made. Trash and treasure,
weight to be measured, shaping our new life as it comes.

It took a major astronomical event - & a major astrological alignment -
to release us from the grip of the past! We needed all the help
we could get! On November 8th 2003 we watched a total Lunar Eclipse
displayed in clear skies. The Harmonic Concordance at the same time -- a
planetary alignment which creates the Star of David in the charts --
also took place. Check out the significance of these events at
Lunar Eclipse & Harmonic Concordance

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