Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Shel and Sonja

I caught Shel and Sonja Hershorn relaxing
here in Corrales this summer.

Normally, I only take portraits of their goats,
geese or roosters.

You can see photographs taken at their place
in Gallina, New Mexico if you click on Archives
and go to the earliest pages of this blog,
in March 2003.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Chile Roasting Time in New Mexico

This was the first really chilly morning, and the smell of chile roasting
across the road at Wagner Farm was enticing. I went over to get a
bushel basket of Big Jim, roasted. The corn was just coming in from the
fields--the truckload of chile in burlap sacks unloaded--along with
canteloupe, watermelon, sweet red tomatoes and perfect peaches.

I had my favorite breakfast: a bagel and cream cheese with chile piled on top,
and sliced tomatoes.

Later on - the very best way to eat fresh roasted green chile: the Susie.

The "Susie" was an invention of Mante's Chow Cart in Taos - my variation down
through the years is - take a fresh whole chile, melt some cheese on it (or make it with
a chile relleno, as they did at the chow cart) - put it on a tortilla, with a spoonful
of guacamole and a spoon of sour cream, salsa,slices of tomato - Wrap it up and
eat it up - yum, it's the absolute best thing in the whole world.

***I will post some photos when I a) get them ready to upload, b) get the upload
thingy to work again, and c) wrestle some time away from the Fantasy
Footballer who has taken over my computer. I am losing the battle right now,
but I have many photos I would like to post on this blog, and well as many
links of interest, but I will have to find the time to do it.***