Saturday, April 26, 2003

Two Zen Stories (Zen Flesh, Zen Bones)

Real Prosperity
A rich man asked Sengai to write something for
the continued prosperity of his family so that
it might be treasured from generation to generation.

Sengai obtained a large sheet of paper and wrote:
“Father dies, son dies, grandson dies.”

The rich man became angry. “I asked you to write
something for the happiness of my family! Why
do you make such a joke as this?”

“No joke is intended,” explained Sengai. “If before
you yourself die your son should die, this would
grieve you greatly. If your grandson should pass
away before your son, both of you would be broken-
hearted. If your family, generation after generation,
passes away in the order I have named, it will be
the natural course of life. I call this real prosperity.”

The Stone Mind
Hogen, a Chinese Zen teacher, lived alone in a
small temple in the country. One day four traveling
monks appeared and asked if they might make a
fire in his yard to warm themselves.

While they were building the fire, Hogen heard
them arguing about subjectivity and objectivity.
He joined them and said: “There is a big stone.
Do you consider it to be inside or outside your

One of the monks replied: “From the Buddist
viewpoint everything is an objectification of
mind, so I would say that the stone is inside my

“Your head must feel very heavy,” observed
Hogen, “if you are carrying around a stone like
that in your mind.”

from 101 Zen Stories Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
compiled by Paul Reps (1939)

Weeds at my fence -- are they in my mind?

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Saddam, Saddam!

I noticed DEBKAfile-- today's news headlines--
You may remember Israeli intelligence reported
Saddam was in Syria hanging out on the beach-
Now here is the latest:

Saddam Hussein has escaped to Belarus – according to mounting evidence
reaching DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s intelligence sources.

On March 29, two chartered planes picked up Saddam, sons, families and
close aides at Baghdad international airport – as US forces fought their way
to Iraqi capital - and flew them to Minsk. On April 2, DEBKAfile’s War Diary
reported Saddam had departed Baghdad.

I couldn't help but burst into song --(to the tune of Rochelle, Rochelle!)

Saddam, Saddam!

Well, it’s been a long journey from
Baghdad to Minsk ...
Saddam, Saddam!

You’ve been shocked and awed plenty
Yet you’re in the Pinsk ...
Saddam, Saddam!

Let the naysayers nay,
And break your statue’s stone face,
They've plundered your palace
And bombed every space—

You’re having adventures
All over the plaaaaaace—
Saddam, Saddaaaaam!

Monday, April 21, 2003

Construct Your Own Virus

To construct the virus, the researchers say they followed a recipe they
downloaded from the internet and used gene sequences from a mail-order
Having constructed the virus, which appears to be identical to its natural
counterpart, the researchers, from the University of New York at Stony
Brook, injected it into mice to demonstrate that it was active.
The animals were paralyzed and then died.

Better read the entire article!

Thanks to Elaine -- Health_and_Healing - PULSE ON WORLD HEALTH CONSPIRACIES! §

GOP pushing to protect makers of vaccines
SARS, the mysterious new respiratory ailment that has terrified people around the globe,
has extended its reach to the Capitol, where Senate Republicans are using the disease
to press their case that vaccine manufacturers should be shielded from lawsuits.
Led by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Republicans are trying to revive the long-stalled
measure. On Tuesday, Frist linked his bill to severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS,
warning that pharmaceutical companies will not produce vaccines against the disease unless
they are protected against "frivolous suits" that could drive them out of business.

"If we need a vaccine for this potential global epidemic, are we prepared?" Frist asked during
a press conference to publicize the bill. "The answer is no, absolutely not."


Angry Parents of Vaccine-Injured Kids Jam Frist's Fax Machines

Frist do us no Harm: Angry Parents of Vaccine-Injured,
Mercury-Poisoned Children Jam Fax Machines Before
Frist's Legislation Goes Back to Markup This Wednesday

Once Again, Frist Tries to Move Under the Veil of War
as Americans and Journalists are Distracted by Events
in Iraq--

Legislation May Leave Thousands of Families With
Nothing -- Parents and Advocacy Groups Vow to Continue
Grass Roots Campaign Until Family-Friendly Amendments
are in Place

If the legislation doesn't cover all families, parents
say their fight will continue regardless if the bill
passes. "The public will be made aware of what's
happening," says Lori McIlwain, mother of a
vaccine-injured child and part of the Right to Fight
Mercury Damage Campaign. "Senator Frist has an
opportunity to side with America's children. Let's
hope he takes it."

A just-published report in Medical Sentinel (see for full report) by Dr. Mark
Geier and David Geier analyzed mercury doses children
received from Thimerosal in childhood vaccines while
comparing it to Federal Safety Guidelines. The doctors
concluded mercury from Thimerosal did far exceed the
guidelines and that, "A causal relationship between
Thimerosal- containing childhood vaccines and
neurodevelopmental disorders appears to be confirmed."

Autistic symptoms, regression, and other health
problems, can be explained by mercury poisoning that
mirrors the medical and behavioral symptoms of autism.
Parents believe they have the scientific evidence to
prove their children were damaged by Thimerosal in
vaccines, yet they are currently prohibited to enter
into the NVICP and civil court system.

For more information about the autism-mercury
connection, visit,, and