Friday, November 23, 2007

--taken verbatim from a card sent to me by my mother
after “retirement” to Caribou, Maine

Dear Linda,
I simply can’t
get the pkgs. out in time,
they aren’t even gift-wrapped!

The house isn’t decorated,
the tree’s not up,
there are no drapes in the LR
and no blinds in my BR
(they’re ordered but still haven’t come.)

I have only 2 kinds of cookies made
& today I broke a big bowl in the kitchen
& pottery shattered everywhere,
& the cat’s driving me insane!

My cleaning’s done
& my cards are all sent.
Two neighbors brought me wreaths –
I hung one on the front door
& one on the window
(outside – it’s real pine
or fir or balsam
or whatever.)

I have 2 doctor appts before Xmas
my BP is 200 over 95
& I’m supposed to be having the dinner this year!

Merry Xmas!
Love, Mom

P.S. Don’t cash this
till after Xmas.
You’ll be able to buy
twice as much.


ybonesy said...

Hey, I got in!

This is incredible. It is such a great Xmas poem! I linked to it from red Ravine.

Linda Weissinger Lupowitz said...

Wow, found your comment at last -- only took 3 months! LOL
thanks ybonesy, I added Red ravine to my blog link list. I love your site. Rock on!