Sunday, October 14, 2007

I saw the Bill Moyer's show on Rachel Carson, quite accidently, a while back.

The art of Chris Jordan is stunning stuff.

And I wonder, how few the crows. ...How many the cell phones.

This (below) is from Leslie's Blog

**I posted this a month ago. It needs to come to the front again.**

I have been saving a Bill Moyers’ Journal program about the one person play about Rachel Carson for a while now. I finally sat and watched it. Aside from it being a fabulous program about the play, there was a quick article at the end about Chris Jordan, photographic artist.

I have to showcase his art. It is amazing, horrifying, truthful, provoking.

Here are some links about Chris Jordan. Worth a jaw dropping look.

Running the Numbers

Paper Clips Project


Leslie Hawes said...

Leslie here. Thanks for linking the Chris Jordan post.
Amazing stuff, huh?
The crows arrived in Arizona last month. :)

Linda Weissinger Lupowitz said...

The link on your blog (click on leslie above) goes to - then click on Intolerable Beauty for the photos, everyone must see.

The crows have returned to the river, and the sandhill cranes are gathering. Not so many crows, but still some cawing going on. It is so hot. the ducks are laughing!