Monday, November 06, 2006


(photo by Rich Jamison)

We are stunned to hear of the passing of a
dear old buddy, colleague, amazing chiropractor
Gary Horwin. In the waves of Cancun, he crossed
over, at 56, too soon. I still hear him laughing!

It is with heavy heart that we must share with you news of the unexpected death of Gary S. Horwin, D.C. on Tuesday, October 31, 2006.

Gary was the immediate past president of FSCO, serving from 2001-2005 in addition to having been a member of our Board of Directors, and a past treasurer. He has also served as president of the Chiropractic Fellowship of PA since1999. Gary graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in 1978, and has practiced in Lansdale, PA since 1979. He was named Sherman College?s Chiropractor of the Year in 2005.


Our lives will not flash before our eyes.
Light travels the curved walls of time
like a train whistle that lowers
in pitch while diminishing.
But when the train doesn't swerve
at the turn, or a girl, sleepy, looking for
the bathroom door, falls between cars - the light
does not intensify. There is no inward curve, no
Her parents hope she didn't see,
didn't feel the bare rail, the clutch
of wheels. Still, they wish
they'd kissed her again, pressed
every bone to their hearts,
like a fern making a fossil in sand.

They store her suitcase
in an upstairs room, an atom, intact.
Below, the clock sounds like the clack of ties.
For those on board there is no
relativity: the shriek
of the whistle does not fade.

Jane Hilberry
Body Painting
Red Hen Press Posted by Picasa

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