Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rich Jamison, moving too fast to see

Rich Jamison moving too fast
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Go look at them now!
(Ricardo has posted more photos from Turkey)

Quantum Quirk

Ten thousand miles away

another continent

a different life

the push pull effect is still clear

weird action at a distance

Einstein called it

quantum quirk

we’re neither together nor apart

your cut hurts my finger

your failure breaks my heart.

In the quantum world of our

drifted lives

entanglement between us remains

giving mass to my

insubstantial body.

Your face is foggy

with time and distance

the downward draw of gravity

distorting the image

in our mutual mirrors.

Beyond the melting edges of the present

our tiny lives are frozen

in quantum


love-not love

you’re both here and there

mine and not mine

alive forever and

already dead.

from Quark Soup, by magdalena ball

PS I like the poem, but I don't mean to
imply that Rich is in any danger...or
any other coincidences due to juxtaposition.

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