Monday, November 21, 2005

Corrales Bosque - Halloween
Trail to the Rio Grande - through red willow

Halloween - Cottonwoods and tamarisk

Laury Alexander and Tony Byers threw a party November 4 - the annual homage to Uler - by burning a huge bonfire of old skis - supposedly to auger an excellent ski season.
But it seems like 'ol Uler got pretty angry this year, and did not bring snow to the high country.

Bonnie Gonzales at the Corrales Grower's Market

Bonnie's beautiful flowers are my favorite part. On this day, Corrales celebrated
Farmland Preservation efforts and it was a wonderful affirmation of the power of
the land. Thanks to all who helped.


going for grapes with
ladder and pail in
the first slashing rain
of September rain
steeping the dust
in a joyous squelch the sky
standing up like steam
from a kettle of grapes
at the boil wild fox grapes
wickedly high tangled in must
of cobweb and bug spit
going for grapes year
after year we two with
ladder and pail stained
with the rain of grapes
our private language

Copyright © 1980 by Maxine Kumin.

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