Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Succulent Snapper

A delectable dinner may be as close as the nearest pond or stream!


One of my earliest little-girl memories is of going with my dad and brothers to catch snapping turtles in the muddy Auglaize River near Wapakoneta, Ohio. The rugged, hook-jawed beasts—once pulled ashore and cleaned—would be cooked into a big pot of turtle soup or fried to a golden brown in a sizzling hot skillet.

This abundant—and practically free—source of delicious protein can be found in almost any body of fresh water in eastern North America. And though snappers look mean, they're a cinch to catch and—if you know what you're doing—easy to handle....


LOL! I think this is hilarious - and kind of astonishing - I found this article on a google search, which was a referral to my blog, on the name "linda weissinger" - my maiden name. I did not write this piece for Mother Earth News - and I did not go snapper catching with my dad. This to me is like the Bizarro-World Linda Weissinger -...Child, I never knew ye!

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