Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tell Me the Minning

I have been running a modest autoresponder email program
which has returned some interesting - sometimes... hilarious -
sometimes sad....responses.
It seems the Yahoo addresses are not exactly local.
Here's a sampling:

Linda i'm very much fond to receiving mesages from you i enjoys much of them.But i faces a difficult when i try to log for my applications on your requests because my e-mail does not get accepted as it is always indicated as it is invalid. anyway i possibly think that is destination that makes this to arise i'm all the way from TANZANIA eastern AFRICA,.

I Linda am sorry four not replying your emails, i
> understand that you want to make me become a big
> boy, but i don't know how to do this since am not in
> US nor Canada, am a Nigerian, residing in Nigeria.
> Ps write to tell me how it can be done.
> Thans Buchi Luv ya.
> ------------------------------
> Can you please explain to me what this bussiness is
> all abouut? i read
> a lot of staff i did not understand besides it
> soundS like one needs a
> lot of money to join you people.am a very ordinary
> person so i dont see
> how i can make your kind of money, so how can a
> broke person like me
> make a lot of money.
> Am sure you will want me to pay something of which i
> will not be able
> to and that will be the end of us.so please explain
> to me in simple
> terms what its all about and what one needs to have
> and do.am very much
> interested.
> hope to here from you soon.
> > -------------------------
> its me raymond i will like to get enquiry about
> every thing u say to me i dont reawlly understand,
> bu t pls am sorry 4 not replying u pls dont be
> anoid.
> bye.
> from ur friend ray.
> about the cheque.
> --------------------
> hi
> i have been reading your mail but the fact is that i
> donot understand want you are saying pls me to
> understand you .
> thanks
> okechukwu_raphaelc@yahoo.com
> ---------------------
> how dop you contact me? were do get my email ? how
> do
> you know my name? can you send me your picture
> toknow
> how am talking to. before we proceed
> --------------------
> I'm greatful for the offer,and also very
> instreasted in it. I have gone through it and
> discouverd that it's only avalaible in US and
> Canada.
> Now that I'm living in Malabo,Equatorial Guinea
> west coast of Africa.
> -----------------------
> Please I am just a poor man looking for SPONSORSHP
> to University for my first degree. Can you please
> help me on this?
> -------------------
> Hi, I really don't know you and this thing you are
> promoting. Its seems I don't have time because we
> are helping many poor people here in our country,
> Philippines. What we need is financial help for the
> poor we are serving. Thank you and God bless you.
> You can contact me in this No. 09179394992 if
> there are help you can do for the poorest of the
> poor.

(This makes me so sad! I am going to contact this
woman and see what I can do. I feel so ashamed.)

---or, among my favorites - Tell Me the Minning!
Linda i think.
Hello to u over there, hope every trhing is going on smoothly ?if so glory be to god the poupose of sendig u this page is that i want u to enlithen me more about the thing that u are telling me
Yours Faithfully

Annie at the beach

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