Saturday, February 21, 2004

All bets are off in Sandoval County (where I live) with regard to gay
marriages too...The County Clerk, Victoria Dunlap, announced on
Thursday that Sandoval County would grant marriage licenses to
same-sex couples...and the next day, over 60 licenses were granted,
mostly to female couples - marriages were arranged immediately,many happy people celebrated!
- then the Governor and the Attorney General nixed the whole deal! Said it was all illegal, after all!

These people are insane, why do they
even care? It's baffling to me.

I am incredulous that Bush is calling for a
constitutional amendment to ban same-sex unions --
that will NOT help his campaign, I wouldn't think.
He should just keep his mouth shut about it!
This country is getting so polarized, every issue adds to the divide.

On a lighter note -- My dearest friend from waaaaaay back, Steve Cadwell
married Joe Levine--his partner for 15 years, co-parents of an 11 yr. old adopted
Guatemalan child, Isaac --in the town Stevie grew up in,
Rutland, Vermont on October 4-- in one of the first civil unions sanctioned by state law.

Steve sent me a gleeful poem he wrote, as a toast --

On the Occasion of the Freedom to Marry Coalitions’ Sold out Dinner;
The Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts 2/14/04 Saint Valentine's Day

a brief intro of the courses, such as....

Mother’s Goosed Rhyme over Cocktails

Merry Mary to Marry Sherry!
Why’s that so contrary?
Why does the right’s anger grow?

Are they empty Cuckolded Shells?
Deaf to Civil Wedding Bells?
And oh! The Religious Wrong makes such a Row!


Warmed basket of tender mixed gender rolls .
Black woman’s wet eyes glory gleam
To join white gay man’s deepest dream.
We do overcome. We are overcome.

Salacious Salad Course (( off the record ))

First Course; Pasta Futura

Step past Time. Step past Time.
Marry! Popping out all over.

West Side Story’s happy ending:
Jets snap up Sharks in a mass wedding.

First comes love,
Then comes marriage
Justice doesn’t come to more miscarriage.
Halls don’t come tumbling down: Walls do.

Main DisssCourse

Which wicked which is dead?
Bate and hate and switch,
that angry itch, is dead.
Oh, land of yellow brick road-kill,
Redeem your freedom still.
Oz’s new causes:
Harriet to marry Juliet.

Clearing the palate and the table:
Groundhog wakes early to shadow moon.
Plate Planets line up and laugh to see such sport.
Fork runs away with Fork. Spoon spoons Spoon.

Mazel Tov to Steve and Joe - and to all the ladies
we love so well, Aqui en Sandoval!

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