Friday, January 30, 2004

To My Brother

Our mother wrote to you
before you were born
a note you might open
at some later date
in case she should not
be there to tell you
what was in her mind
about wanting you
when she had not seen you

that was before
my time and it
never turned out like that
you never saw the letter
and she never saw you
who were perfect they said
and dead within minutes
that far ahead
of me and always
looking the other way
and I would be the one
to open the letter
after she was gone

and you had answered it
without a word
before I was there
to find out about you
unseen elder
you perfect one

--W.S. Merwin

Poet Bill Merwin as a young man and old.
He is about 75 now, and has published a couple dozen books, not counting translations. Copper Canyon Press in Port Townsend, Washington has determined to keep all of the books by this fine poet in print.
From the Kingfisher

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