Saturday, January 17, 2004

Sundown 01.16.04

This image is straight out of the camera - no photoshopping
or tweaking of any kind. I am fascinated by this little gadget.
I took this in my backyard only hours ago.


It is to the small satisfactions
we must return, for surely
the great ones fail us.
The unexpected face, the way
evening's slow descent, when
everything is poised for her
arrival, astonishes the day.
And then the steady, familiar
things, houses and trees, suddenly
precise, alive and themselves.
These will do for us now,
now that we have given up on
matters of brooding consequence,
now that such a leisure
of wind, studying the leaves
more closely, lifts them up,
bright in the pure, black air.

John Brehm
The Way Water Moves

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