Thursday, January 08, 2004

The Spotted Hills
Remembering Harold Joe Waldrum

Joe was the first person I ever remember saying, "These people,
they're all Jews" speaking of the Northern New Mexico Spanish
people who emigrated hundreds of years ago from Spain.

He took us out "Polaroiding" - shooting hundreds of SX-70 prints
of the wonderful mud churches and moradas around Taos back
in the early 80s. He pointed out the architectural features of the
Penitente morada, modeled strictly on the formulae of Mid-Eastern
ancient shuls.

Years later, we went to visit him in his mountain-top ranch, at the
end of the road up Ladron Peak. He met us at the car on horseback,
with two old geldings, and insisted we mount immediately, despite
our protests. We went straight up to the top -- looked over toward
the Very Large Array --over the spotted hills. Turning home, the horses
bolted to the barn, and Joe was flying, with his duster flapping.

Moving into our new place this past month, we were reminded of
Harold Joe, choosing many of his works of art to hang on new walls.
By the back door we placed the brilliant Placitas En Medio Dia,
signed by Waldrum, Para Roberto. It is a reminder of him now,
the black depth of the open door.

(see previous post - Jan 8 - for more on Harold Joe, if it's not
on this page)

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