Sunday, August 17, 2003

The Onion nails it again - with this hilarious piece of work...
The strangest thing is I was thinking these very thoughts this week--
that the lyrics, complex orchestral arrangements, the subtle nuances of
every song from the mid-late-20th century are imprinted somewhere
in my synapses. If I close my eyes and drift, I can plug in anything
from the Beatles to Barry Manilow (the latter verging on torture, but
still, those lush riffs wash up on the shores of my brain like high tide
in a Coca-Cola commercial.)

Well, it goes to show you, there's no such thing as an original thought
in the vast sea of collective consciousness.

I have an iPod....IN MY MIND (by Ted Lascowicz)

I'm sure you've seen a lot of tech-savvy people smugly showing off that new hunk of entertainment hardware, the iPod personal stereo. Well, I might not have the scratch to get one, but frankly, I don't want the white-corded wonder. I have my very own iPod—in my mind.

I hear those little things carry up to a month's worth of music. Well, so does my mind. I can call up any song I've ever heard, any time I want. And I never have to load software or charge batteries. There are no firewire cords or docks to mess with. I just put my hands behind my head, lean back, and select a tune from the extensive music-library folder inside my brain.

Thirty gigabytes? So what? I know 7,500 songs, maybe more. Some songs, I forget I even have until they come around on shuffle. Why, just the other day, my mind started playing David Naughton's "Makin' It," a song I hadn't heard in years. And the sound quality was great!

...I can browse by artist, album, song, or music genre. Boom! I'm doing it right now! The "repeat" feature? Heck, songs from my iPod don't ever have to end. I swear, I had "Music Box Dancer" going through my head for three days straight last week. more>>
LOL! thanks, boingboing

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