Sunday, June 01, 2003

We're back from our trip for nearly a week, and just
beginning to feel on solid ground. Still trying to digest
the thoughts, impressions and experiences that a trip
back in time has whirled us through.

We went to Robert's 25th chiropractic class reunion
in Spartanburg, South Carolina - our first time back in all
those years. It was an amazing rush to see so many people
and remember the old days at SCSC -- a time of intense
growth and community, left long behind.

Driving around South Carolina, mostly in the rain, we tried
to sort our memories out of the changing landscape. It was a
place where the sixties hadn't happened, a time-warp that got
unstuck somewhere and grew up. Now it looks pretty much
like Anywhere USA.

Heading out to Glendale by instinct, we came to the bridge
over Lawson's Fork Creek -- flooding in torrents of red-clay
foaming water, streaming and frothing through the valley.

We found the farm where Ariana was born, 25 years ago.
Of course the old house is gone - it probably fell down when
the pipeline came through the land. The mystery was what
happened to the pond, and the thousand pink roses?
I guess they filled in the pond. The back field was still the
same, the lay of the land, the blackberry brambles, where
I used to run along the woods edge. It was somewhat
disorienting to comprehend the changes, but as we left we
picked some pink roses by the road. I was there with my grown
daughter, and my grandson, struggling to remember this was
where she first came into the world, this very spot.

Here's a picture I took of Ana and Noah, at the reunion -
with the digital camera.
I'll post more photos from the Pentax when I get them developed.

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