Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Shut Up And Vibrate Already
Because you just know it's not all toxic war and BushCo and homophobic
senators, right?

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist Friday, May 2, 2003

So you look straight out into that winking sunset or up at that star-gashed
sky or over at that frolicking goofy mutt in the park or at that funky yellow Mini
Cooper or deep into the rich burgundy flesh of that goblet of wine or over at
the soft gorgeous rhythmic rise and fall of your lover's chest as s/he sleeps
and you think, this is proof, isn't it?

This is proof that there's something more, something richer and more divine
and far, far more profound and enthralling and cosmic and worthy and wet and
delicious about this damnable existence, right? You can just feel it, that
divine kick, that lick, that juice? Of course you can.

You just know, in other words, that this can't be all there is.

Surely, you think, it's not all smirking inarticulate presidents and gutted
economies and bogus wars and international resentment, factories belching
venom into the sky and the oceans with decreasing federal restriction and
increasing corporate glee.

Surely it's not all rabid psychopatriots and fear-happy Bible huggers and
homophobic Republican senators promoting their tyranny of sexless
ignorance, garbage-food conglomerates consciously poisoning the population
with toxic foodstuffs far more full of synthetic goo and Agent Orange by-products
and bioengineered rat dung than actual food from which the body can draw life
and energy and funk and satisfied karmic burps.

You think: No way can it be all about thuggish 8 MPG SUVs and inexplicably
dying sea otters and 45 percent of the country actually believing Saddam
Hussein was directly responsible for 9/11. Can it?

Millions of people invoking the name of God as justification for war and hate
and death, more homeless, more poverty, more rampant population growth,
more bitch-slapped civil rights, political corruption and bizarre viral disease
and Dick Cheney making you question the very definition of sympathetic
animate biped?

Because it's just so easy to forget. It's so easy to let the crush and rush
and chain-saw babble of the world, of the major media's prepackaged hysteria,
overwhelm your senses and numb your id and pile-drive your innate ability
to look, really look at the world around you, and ultimately let them effectively
asphyxiate what you deeply sense to be true.

Not simply that everything is connected. Not simply that there is a
throbbing pulsing extant ever-present scientifically proven energetic vibration
to every damn thing on the planet, animate and inanimate, breathing or not,
each and every organism radiating forth its sacredness and its profanity
and just waiting for you to raise your consciousness just a little so you
can receive your divine epiphanic ass-slap.

It's not just that. It's that you, right now, at this moment, are much less
removed from those pulsing vibrational things than They want you to believe.
You are closer than you think.

Here is the basic formula: The more They get you to ignore and detach from
and hurl sticks of dismissive ignorance at that divine interconnectedness,
the more you feed the common tyranny of fear, the collective cultural moan,
and the easier it is for corporations and the government and the masters of
televised dread to convince you to buy into, say, a noxious war. Or toxic fast
food. Or ultraviolent entertainment. Or Celine Dion.

Conversely, the more you work to feel nature, imbibe it, soak up that juicy
interconnectedness like wine into a mattress, suck up that vibrational hum
and awe and kiss, the more you realize the value of protecting and preserving
and treading lightly, actually taking the time to taste your food, integrate with
those objects, feel that breath of your lover. Simple, really.

And, hence, the less you require of the material world. This is what scares
them the most. This is why They don't want you to notice, to feel, to
remember, or to question their motives.

Because the less you believe that everything around you is just a tedious
lifeless resource to be consumed and shrugged off, the less you feel the
need to share in the massive force-fed belief that we are here to devour
as much as possible, as quickly as possible, and blow the living crap
out of everything that gets in our way.

And then you take the idea one step further. You realize that by soaking
up that interconnected juice and raising that vibrational consciousness
just that little bit, on a day-to-day basis, you are directly and immediately
affecting everything around you, inspiring it, them, us to do exactly
the same.

The final kicker: It's all accessible right now. All you gotta do is ask.
Invite it in. Literally. Just ask.

Want to be healthy? Strong? More open and lickable and less bitter and
baffled and cynical? Ask for it, place some divine intent behind it and
breathe it in and imagine what it would feel like to radiate health and
sexual vibrancy and self-defined joy and really cool taste in shoes. That's
how you start.

Because this is the biggest collective delusion of all, that you can't get at
it, that it's so much wimpy tofu-hugging BS, so much fluffy New Age
psychobabble. What a convenient excuse that is to remain wallowing and
acidic and humming at a simplistically low, want-based pitch, happily
drunk on the disinfo They want to sell you. It's just too easy. And lazy.

And it does require work. It takes some concentrated and open-hearted effort
to raise that awareness, to tune in on that level, sift through the bogus media
and healers and teachers and pretentious yoga classes, gurus, smarmy
inane Chicken Soupy books to find the authentically divine heat and rush
and thrust.

You gotta get off your ass. You gotta question everything. You gotta see
the world anew, always, every moment, to progress and evolve and vibrate
And, to be sure, it can be a total divinely annoying pain in the ass.

But, really, when you get right down to it, what else is there?

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