Monday, May 12, 2003

I haven't been blogging lately, for a number of reasons.
One is, I seem to be allergic to the computer.
I sit here and almost immediately begin to experience
a dizziness, like everything is closing in on
shoulders ache and my eyes throb....I get up and walk
away, and feel better right away. It has something to do
with the information I feel bombarded with, and the
struggle to rise above it. I have some conflicting emotions
particularly with the weblog, because I don't want to simply
ignore world events, nor do I want to become absorbed
wholly in the negativity of the craziness whirling around us.

What's to say, beyond the obvious? I cherish my life and
loved ones and I truly believe that the highest goal is
simply to be happy, in spite of it all.

I have had a few technical difficulties - posts I wrote which
did not appear - vanished - and were forgotten. Maybe
not important, but the spontaneity is lost along with the words.

And so, I'm back - at least I think I'm back...
We have had a series of visitors who seem to step out
of deep time-space warps into our lives, for only a few
hours, bringing messages.

Most recently, Siglinde Schwenzl visited for a morning
from Kauai, with her stories of island life. She told us
about the Tobias materials, a channeled wisdom...
I like this Silent Prayer I found on the website,
Crimson Circle. ...This is my offering for Mother's Day.

It begins:

In my heart, I accept my perfect Being.
I accept that the joy that I have intended is already in my life.
I accept that love I have prayed for is already within me.
I accept that the peace I have asked for is already my reality.
I accept that the abundance I have sought already fills my life.

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