Thursday, April 24, 2003

Saddam, Saddam!

I noticed DEBKAfile-- today's news headlines--
You may remember Israeli intelligence reported
Saddam was in Syria hanging out on the beach-
Now here is the latest:

Saddam Hussein has escaped to Belarus – according to mounting evidence
reaching DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s intelligence sources.

On March 29, two chartered planes picked up Saddam, sons, families and
close aides at Baghdad international airport – as US forces fought their way
to Iraqi capital - and flew them to Minsk. On April 2, DEBKAfile’s War Diary
reported Saddam had departed Baghdad.

I couldn't help but burst into song --(to the tune of Rochelle, Rochelle!)

Saddam, Saddam!

Well, it’s been a long journey from
Baghdad to Minsk ...
Saddam, Saddam!

You’ve been shocked and awed plenty
Yet you’re in the Pinsk ...
Saddam, Saddam!

Let the naysayers nay,
And break your statue’s stone face,
They've plundered your palace
And bombed every space—

You’re having adventures
All over the plaaaaaace—
Saddam, Saddaaaaam!

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