Thursday, April 10, 2003

The New Yorker came in the mail, here, to
New Mexico - with a fat advertising section about
The Land of Enchantment : quite a spiffy spread,
paid for by our tax dollars, to attract New Yorkers looking
for an escape from --you guessed it -- New York.

Anyway, I didn't see that until later - I turned to the first
poem immediately and was stunned. This is an intense
description of "inside the clear-out" - Whew!

And, yes - Robert says it is his "island chiropractor" dream,
come true. Where can we go? Where can we go? Inside or

Here it is -- I love it...except I say ---Cry, go on now, cry.


Don't cry. You're inside
the island chiropractor's dream.
Let the muscles go, the heart,
the pulsing brain,
the mesmerism of the animal terrain.
No knowing, where we're going.
Send me some intelligence.
Be the sleeper in the field.

--Dana Goodyear

If you are interested in healing, check out this link
...or this one -

The Blue Rose I found while blogging around; it's not my photo
but I hope it's Creator, whoever, doesn't mind my using it here.
It is perfect.

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