Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I have two words for you: Asia Grace

This book of about 600 images is a fantastic collection, chosen from over
40,000 photographs taken by Kevin Kelly on his travels throughout the Asian
continent from the 60s to the 90s.

Many of the images document a world that no longer exists.
The beauty of the landscape, the people and the culture is breathtaking.
I spent hours looking at the photos, which can be viewed in a slide show,
or as individual photographs with accompanying text that is very informative.

I found these pictures to be remarkable, if only that our culture does not
understand this world - and our mistrust of anything foreign is deeply rooted.
One cannot look at these photographs without feeling a strong connection
and deep love for the wonders of this planet and people, and a compassion
for the other side of the world.

Please read the production notes on the website which tells of the photographer's journey and how he made this spectacular book.

The steppes near Konduz, Afghanistan

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