Saturday, April 12, 2003

Here's a couple more dreams - for what it's worth--

January 24
....then, last night a very vivid dream -- I was sitting on the roof of the little house, watching the spray-jets, and pointing to them...when suddenly one of them flew down like a bird and came right up to me. It was small, up close--like the size of a hawk or an eagle, with the rigid swept-back wings and a jet-hole mouth that opened and closed like a goldfish, staring at me, buzzing like a metal insect a few feet away from me in the air. It was very frightening, aggressive, and it reminded me of a dream I had years ago, when I was pregnant with Max (so, 1984)--I had a dream of small menacing aircraft buzzing my friend S. in Washington state. I was visiting her, and I asked her how she liked her home on the island, and she said she loved it, except for the planes. And there they were, miniature WWII-era bomber prop-planes, which were buzzing and swarming all around her. I actually saw her in Az. only a few weeks later and told her this dream, and she was stunned. She said that she had been meditating outside, in the mountains or on cliffs overlooking the sound, and little military surveillance aircraft were continually buzzing all around her, disturbing her greatly. She felt that she was getting into some high altered states, and wondered if she were emitting some kind of frequency that attracted them...she was really paranoid about it. I know I am paranoid about airplanes, it does seem as though they paint an X over my house every day, just about...but this little bug-plane with the goldfish mouth was so clear and immediately familiar to me. I only write these down because I haven't remembered my dreams clearly in a long time....


March 27
I was staying at an apartment in center city Phila., for some forgotten reason,
with a baby in a stroller (unknown child) and wandering through the rooms,
I found the bed soaking wet from a leaky roof. I went outside on the balcony,
to see where the water was coming from, and looked across the city, over
Independence Hall (where the Liberty Bell is) and I could see a two huge black
clouds coming toward us, boiling and angry, with flashing orange and red centers
in them, reminiscent of the radar maps, only these were cloud-towers the size of
mountains. As they thundered closer to us, people were gathering on the roof-top.
Then the clouds surrounded us, and opened up--and out of them came men in orange
jumpsuits. They began grabbing at people and pulling them into the clouds. I ran away,
pushing the stroller, looking for the baby, who then fell off the roof as I watched, landing
in the street below, bouncing and laughing...

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