Monday, March 31, 2003

War in Iraq: (Heart)Breaking News

I have having trouble swallowing all this
Operation Iraqui Liberation - O.I.L

My son-in-law will be leaving this week on an eighteen-hour
flight to *somewhere* - His mission is above 30,000 feet, so
we pray he is safe and that his presence will somehow help
the safety of those on the ground in that stormy desert.

It's very painful to accept any of this as real. What is real is -
he's leaving - and no one will say when he's coming back.

I found this disturbing- Apparently, since he didn't have
five bucks on him to pay when they collected for in-flight meals--
and no one told him he would have to pay his meals- and no one
offered to pay it for him, like, that's OK, you can pay tomorrow -
and the USAF which is sending him out as a the only co-pilot on
an 18 hour flight without any backup, will not provide a meal for him (?) --
my daughter is making him sandwiches to take on the plane, so he doesn't starve!
Is this insane?

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