Saturday, March 22, 2003

I have posted some thoughts on *shock-n-awe* as Shekinah --
very interesting and much too long to include on this page
but you can go to my other blog,
and check it out - It is a post from March 22 -- it's a lot to absorb, really.

My garden smells like mud and hyacinths.
It looks like marigold seeds are sprouting,
but they are probably just lamb's-quarters.
Weeds are feathery and attractive, deceptively sweet.
The mint and rosemary are bright and pungent, while
the low mat of grass springs under my step, like a sponge.

I dreamed a little dark woman in an old wool coat and
a head-scarf tied under her chin had come into our front garden
and picked all the hyacinths - I saw her, and went out to to
the wall to speak with her, but she scurried away, and I knew that
she thought--since the house is for sale, no one would
care about the hyacinths. She was stealing beauty.

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