Friday, March 21, 2003

COURAGE ----for Lolly

After great longing
the wild orchid appears
sets down its tubular feet
in the softened walls
of the heart.
Breathing in
tendrils wrap their succulent
arms around your hunger
breathing out
pink light sprays
across the interior of the chest.
A sweet mist aerates the mind
and grief gives way
to rain forest
purple orchids spinning.

(Jean Boughton
from Open Mind / Diane Mariechild)

Lolly Simkins Daniels -- wonderful mother
of Lauren (age 11), beloved wife of Harley, daughter,
sister and courageous friend -- Buddhist woman
of great devotion, spiritual teacher who chanted
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo hours every day,
for love and sorrow of the world --
suddenly last night, left us -- she is gone! --

How close we are to the other side, we never know.

Goodbye, Lolly, my dear friend and teacher,
godspeed on your journey. May you find peace.
Know that you are loved.

Lolly and Harley, at the Valle Caldera
in the Jemez Mountains August 2002

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