Friday, April 02, 2004

In Local News:

Aggravated assault was reported in the xxxx block of xxxx rd. in Corrales
about 1 pm March 11. A woman allegedly approached a man with a stick
because he was cutting down trees on property she believed belonged
to her. The woman told officers the man pointed a chainsaw at her and she
felt in fear of her safety. Officers investigated and found the property belonged to the man. Both were told to stay away from each other.
from the Albuquerque Journal

Air Quality Report a "Cruel Hoax"
Critics on Thursday blasted a state-commissioned report on air quality
near the Intel plant during a meeting of the Corrales Air Quality Task Force.

The report is part of a 15-month long air quality study (by Gradient Corp.) of
Corrales and parts of Rio Rancho that surround the Intel micro-chip-making plant.

It states that the company could not find "any evidence that any of the measured or modeled chemicals are associated with acute or chronic health risks."

Some Rio Rancho and Corrales residents blame strong odors and illnesses on emissions coming from Intel.

...Intel officials say the plant does not cause health problems and its emissions are within "permitted levels". However, one task force member called the report "a sham".

"It's appropriate that your presentation is being made on April Fool's Day,"
said Fred Marsh..."However, instead of a harmless joke, your Gradient report
is a cruel hoax against our community...What you claim is a risk assessment reads like a love letter to Intel."......from the Albuquerque Journal

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