Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Spectacular Day

Perhaps because I am an Aries, Taurus rising, with my birthday on
April 5--one of the year's predictably most gorgeous days--
I am alive in the spring. come to life. sprout. whether cool or balmy,
wet or dry, early or late:spring is what April brings to life.

And March - the first dandelion always awes me.
Apricot blossoms. Daffodils. Today was spectacular.
No wind!

Garden report: I have planted two varieties of lettuce, spinach,
chard, cilantro, bachelor buttons, nigella love-in-a mist, everlasting,
pink poppies, larkspur, western wildflower mix, cosmos, tiger's
eye sunflowers, california poppies, snapdragon, sweet peas.
It was about 80 degrees today, and has been over 70 for a week now--
everything is going crazy! Will there be a frost? Probably, but it is worth
the exercise of trust to go to the soil, turn it over and put these tiny
seeds in the ground with the intent to manifest beauty, abundance,
sustenance. If it freezes, then I suppose I can do it again.
The devas will wait for the right time to germinate the seed.

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