Monday, February 02, 2004

Wardrobe Malfunction

I suppose I'll weigh in on the breastular controversy
that's raging -- Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.
Her performance was about the only few minutes I actually
watched of the Super Bowl, since the Bushin30seconds
ad from MoveOn.Org was censored by CBS, and anyway
I was making dinner, as per usual for Stupor Bowl Sunday...
a "retail holiday" invented to boost sales between Xmas
and Valentine's Day...

...And true to form, it was a marketing blitzkreig, aimed at the
male adolescent and post-adolescent men in need of medical miracles.

Let's not forget, the pubescent-adolescent female American Barbie-Beyon'Ces
got an education in what it means to be a woman in this culture: what this is all
about -- primarily, breasts.

Breasts. Butts. Bruisin boobs. Bumpin...bitchin...a'busin,
stripping rubber bustiers...submissive jiving gyrating grabbing...
the tearing away, revealing the hard metal biting-back of ...
the Breast... the Beast!

This is the breast of a warrior who has lost the war.
Lost it!

This is not the nurturing breast of mother, the sweet giver of life.
This is not the beautiful breast of the mother who loves you,
or the tender breast of a lover, who shares her exquisite secrets with you.

This is the pointy weapon of repressed female sexuality and its
destructive power, long kept in check by physical domination,
abuse, fear and pain, which emerges as an icon of that pain, that
humiliation, thrown to the public in a performance that combines
black leather Nazi-style sexual displays with the preachy
power of commercialized Patriotism!

The Flag, held high, amidst all this black, ritualized dance of pain
and forbidden nightmares.
Onward to the Moon, to Mars, with the Flag and the righteousness
of our penetration and crusade.

We can shoot you from the moon!

What is pornography, if not this horrific flauntation of Sado-masochistic
patriotism? What, a surgically-enhanced, hub-capped protuberance of
semi-feminine forbidden flesh, aimed at the bored and frustrated audience of
130 million football fans, in a stunning instant of wardrobe malfunction?
Surely a flash of flesh is not pornographic - but patriotic sadism is tragically
acceptable when delivered by mass media to millions.

What is defined as obscene - a bronze be-jewelled mammary -- or the fact that
500+ of our country's brave men and women - our children!- have been lost
in a sorrowful battle that need not have been waged....Lost! They are gone
forever, without a mention on the fields of "glory "--The Super Bowl--Not even
a word about them , let alone the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqui women
and men and children, lost to "shock n awe" and that's just another pyrotechnics
show --to them, who would faint dead away at the sight of a woman's unclothed,
innocent, beautiful, bare breast. It is obscene, the culture that fears a woman's
power, and doesn't even bother to honor its own war dead or the millions
injured for the sake of these hyprocites.

I reallly didn't even watch much of the "show " -- the biggest holiday of the year--
I am merely passing on impressions based on
fleeting glimpses. The commercialization of the media and our public life
we have endured so long has become overpowering,so much that it
isn't funny anymore. The whole world is sold, bought and sold, logo'ed
and delivered to the consumer, whose fickle fancy will not float the boat
forever. Whose children, and whose grandchildren, trying to understand this
great mystery --sex and power, ownership and slavery, pain and pleasure --
will pay with their own lives when the note comes due.

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