Friday, April 11, 2003

It has been almost three years since I dreamed that the world exploded.
I heard it -- the explosion -- that seemed to emanate from Los Alamos -
here is my description of the "dream" 5/01/00 --

I was out cold at about 1 am ( so, midnight local time, accounting for DST) when I woke up suddenly, with the sensation of shaking and rolling like thunder, booming in my ears and the sense that it was an earth quake from the sky--house seemed to be shaking as if from above, like a sky-quake! I sleep in a second-story bedroom. It was very intense for about a second, I was so sure it was a huge explosion somewhere, like Los Alamos or something maybe a couple hundred miles away. I held my breath and silently screamed "I love you" to my husband, I was sure that this was the end, I am not kidding. After it was over, I was wide awake, my husband had not moved, I listened for sirens and it was totally silent. I checked the time, and my dog came over to my bed, put his head on the edge and whined. I knew he felt it too. He is so afraid of thunder, the big baby. I looked outside, skies pinkish-white stripes, but no sign of a thunderstorm. Wondering if I was dreaming, but I KNEW I could still feel that impact in my body, not like anything I have ever felt. A few weeks ago I was awakened by a high-pitched shrill sound, but it stopped after a brief interval, as soon as I was fully awake. This was like I experienced a bomb dropping, it was so strong....

The strange thing was - 7 days later - a huge inferno was engulfing Los Alamos, and the fire burned thousands of acres
in the Jemez Mountains. The cause of the fire was a "controlled burn" which was set - lit on purpose - near the Valles
Caldera - in the early morning of May 1, 2000. I believe I heard it happening - on the etheric plane, or something - it was
like the sound of all the animals and birds, leaving, and the huge sense of a vacuum that was created there as that happened.

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