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Monday, March 28, 2005

This Is Where We Spent Easter Sunday

Michele, Rob and I took a ride out to El Malpais
National Wildlife Conservation area, near Grants, NM
and hiked around La Ventana and The Narrows along the
el malpais...It was a glorious day!

Cousin Sandy Came To Visit

Long-lost cousin Sandy Freid came to visit us
in New Mexico - driving her 21-ft. motor home
from Philadelphia to the west coast and back...
She is a Lupowitz, related to Robert
and Michele - and she found us by googling
"Lupowitz" - then she actually came to see us for a
few days. We had alot of fun with her. Here she is!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Big Birthday Bash

We had a wonderful family reunion and a big birthday
bash in Florida for Muriel's 80th - It was a great
opportunity to get (nearly) everyone together and
the party was really a blast. Here's a few out of
the hundreds of photos that were taken over the
weekend -

Look at this face!